Is the creator of BullStake KYC’d? Yes. Bullman is KYC’d through Flooz KYC Partnership. KYC can be found on: https://github.com/flooz-link/flooz-kyc-verification/blob/main/KYC/eth-0xDD3393A0DD6bcb91c09735e7c58B97ac6f46E92d.png BullStake will be the most successful staking protocol to date, therefore we did not hesitate to get a KYC done to assure the community that the project is legit and sustainable.
What makes BullStake different? We have taken multiple steps to try to add longevity to staking protocols. Giveaway pool, marketing pool and pumping portions of every tax back into the contract balance. We have incorporated dynamic taxes to incentivize long term investments. We have also adjusted the ROI and removed the daily increase in ROI to add sustainability. We allowed for some functions that other projects don't have, such as the force withdrawal function and the re-invest function. Both these functions will allow investors to invest comfortably knowing that they will never lose all their money, and also incentives investors to re-invest respectively.
Are the ROI BullStake offers sustainable? The combination of low and high ROI we are offering along with the dynamic taxation system we are imposing forces BullStake to become sustainable. Shorter low ROI packages will always have more taxes and provide lower profits than longer high ROI packages.
How does the force withdrawal work and is there any backdoor for the tax? Force withdrawal is for emergencies, there is a 40% tax that will be applied and you are only able to withdraw the deposit amount. The 40% tax is dropped STRAIGHT into a contract and not into any wallet, then 50% of that 40% is added to the force-withdrawal wallet, therefore there is no backdoor for this project. We did this so people don't try to exploit this mechanism. The force withdrawal feature assures that no one can ever lose ALL their money with BullStake, unlike other projects.
Will BullStake have a smooth launch? We unit tested every feature in the project before launch to avoid the glitches that happened with previous projects. Therefore once the timer goes to zero, everyone can start investing straight away with confidence. DO NOT DEPOSIT BEFORE THE TIMER GOES TO ZERO OTHERWISE YOU RISK LOSING YOUR FUNDS.
Will the funds in the contract balance wallet be poured back into the contract immediately? Any funds in the contract balance wallet will be poured straight into the contract, but not immediately and in different ways. It is not ideal to add funds to the contract when the balance is increasing, therefore these funds will be used once the balance starts dropping to maintain it. As well as pouring straight into the contract, the funds will be added to the balance by buying 30 days high ROI packages. This is to show potential investors that investments are still coming in and incentives them to invest in BullStake.
Are the project wallets really doxed? Yes as we all know everything on the blockchain is recorded we will provide the wallet address to each pool for the community to see where the funds are going.
What happens if I use the reinvest button? Investors who re-invest at least 50% of their withdrawn amount will be exempt from paying tax on the re-invested amount and rewarded with an additional 35% ROI on top of the advertised rates on the plans that they re-invest accordingly.
Why does the re-invest and force withdrawal functions only apply to high ROI plans? To prevent others from manipulating the system. If we allow the re-invest benefits in a low ROI package, then investors can keep withdrawing and re-investing the same amount building up a massive ROI which is something BullStake refrained from doing already by keeping the ROI stable. If investors are allowed to force withdraw their deposit after withdrawing some of the ROI from the low ROI plan, then they will end up manipulating the system and making more money than they should.
Why doesn’t ROI increase everyday? We decided not to increase the ROI daily because in our opinion it’s a marketing gimmick that ends up draining the contract. We believe in our marketing pool and strategy.
Is BullStake audited? BullStake is audited by Solid Proof with zero high, medium or low issues and no backdoors.
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