Low ROI Packages
All plans are subject to tax, please refer to the tax tab for more information.
LOW ROI PLANS Allows withdrawal from the point of depositing. The amount that the investor can withdraw is spread evenly over the term of the chosen plan and dropped DAILY. This does not mean that you HAVE TO withdraw every 24 hours, it is entirely up to the investors when do they want to withdraw once funds are available. Withdrawal tax for low ROI plans is fixed at 20%. · 10 day low ROI plan has an initial ROI of 130% (104% after tax) - Plan 1 in the contract · 20 day low ROI plan has an initial ROI of 200% (160% after tax) - Plan 2 in the contract · 30 day low ROI plan has an initial ROI of 252% (201.6% after tax) - Plan 3 in the contract
*Low ROI packages are NOT ELIGIBLE for force-withdraw & re-invest features* If you chose to deposit through the contract, make sure you are choosing the right plans. Plan 0 & 4 do not exist and you will end up losing your funds if you deposit in them.
Please note. If you invest in a low ROI package, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED NOT to withdraw your balance every 24 hours to avoid issues arising from contract floating/rounding/magic numbers (specially if your investment is not huge). We recommend to withdraw your balance every 48 hours or longer.
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