Safety Features
We implemented functions that sets us apart from other high-yield staking protocols such as the following:
Our team is KYC'd, our contract is audited and our wallets are doxed. We are taking every possible step to gain faith and trust from our investors. We cannot get anymore legit than verifying our identities and our wallets. Our vision remains the sustainability of this project. This is what separates us from any other staking platform, transparency. Please refer to relevant each tab for more details.
Staking protocols survive on new investments. The importance of encouraging new investors to join the protocol cannot be undervalued. Therefore, along with our continuous marketing, we have set a wallet that will be funded from withdrawal taxes just for giveaways to new investors to join the protocol. Hence we are confident that our project will be sustainable.
We have a team of competent traders that we are willing to use "if needed" to trade & invest the project's funds into other protocols, to then pour back more value to the contract balance. If we are to use this service, we will be paying for it from our own commission wallet, and the funds to be traded will be taken from the marketing wallet and contract balance wallet. However, this action will not be taken without the consent of the community.
Investors can force withdraw their deposit when they need to, subject to a 40% tax. This feature is added to ease the mind of investors. If, for any reason, an investor decides to leave the project, we are allowing that but for a fee, which is the 40% tax.
Where is that hefty 40% tax going? 50% of the 40% tax will remain in the contract, and the other 50% will go to one of the project's wallets which will then be split between the 4 main project wallets accordingly.
Why that split? To prevent any backdoor. This feature has been implemented before in other projects, however it was not done correctly and the incompetence of implementing it resulted it in a backdoor in which projects owners could have abused to drain the contract. We implemented taxes the way we did to solve that issue.
Please note, when you force withdraw, you are force withdrawing your deposit NOT your ROI.
RE-INVEST FUNCTION Inviting new investors to invest in BullStake is the ideal, but having current investors to reinvest is also as important to maintain the project. As an incentive, investors who re-invest at least 50% of their withdrawal amount will be exempt from paying tax on the re-invested amount and rewarded with an additional 35% on top of the advertised rates on the plans that they re-invest accordingly (to get the total ROI increase, multiply the ROI you see by 1.35). Therefore, we are encouraging investors to re-invest for better ROI.
•NO ROI INCREASE For sustainability, BullStake will NOT increase daily ROIs like what other staking platforms do. The reason other staking protocols do that is to attract new investors in, however this is one of the main factors that contributes to draining the contract as the ROI gets insanely high. Both early and late investors will invest in the same level field. Sustainability remains our vision.
Variable tax rates are implemented (11-20%) based on the type and length of the investment package. By doing so, we are encouraging investors to opt in for High ROI longer investments to be eligible for lower tax brackets. All taxes collected from withdrawals will have allocated percentages poured back into the contract balance, giveaway, marketing and commission wallet.


• BullStake only allows for 1 level of referral rewards to avoid abusing that system. Please see the referral rewards section.
• Various form of competitions planned throughout, even starting prior to launch to make investment in StakeBull a fun community team building activity
• StakeBull's contract is safe and has anti-‘rug’ feature. No one is able to access the contract after being executed on the blockchain. Refer to AUDIT report
• Extensive marketing has been conducted prior to launch and will continue to secure StakeBull’s visible presence in the cryptocurrency space
• StakeBull offers no minimum or maximum limit in its investment plans to cater for all, small fishes and whales We strongly believe in fair go for all investors
• Intense marketing. This will be one of our primary focus. A wallet has been created and is dedicated for the sole purpose of marketing. The fund will also come from taxes derived from all transactions. As a head start, we have invested from our own pockets, in marketing through verified YouTubers, Mass Messaging potential investors through social medias (Discord, Telegram, Twitter), publication of articles, etc
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