BullStake is a global multichain staking protocol which is deployed on Ethereum, Harmony, Polygon, Binance, Avalanche and Fantom networks. Users can stake each network's native coin to earn low to high yield passive income.

We heard about staking protocols before, what makes BullStake different?

BullStake is the biggest low & high ROI staking protocol to launch on Etheruem. BullStake took all the good features of other protocols and combined them in one, while adding safety features that were never implemented before or at least, never implemented correctly.
It is developed by a team who were initially investing in staking protocols after seeing all the flaws and mis steps we thought we could bring the community a better version of a great format.
BullStake creators are KYC’d through Flooz KYC Partnership, project is audited by Solid Proof and all project wallets are doxed so that investors can clearly see where their tax is being spent on, and that is what separates BullStake from other staking protocols, transparency.
Investors can stake ETH, BNB, ONE, FTM, AVAX & MATIC in 10 to 30 days plans and gain up to 906% ROI. Investors’ money is never fully locked, as even with the high ROI plans, there is an option to force withdraw their deposit. Every wallet that collects a tax will be doxed to the community and we will take the community's opinion when pouring back money to the contract address or re-investing into the project.
Staking on BullStake is very simple, investors add the native token of the network of their choice in their MetaMask wallet, go on, choose the package they like after understanding the difference between the 6 packages, then place a deposit. Based on the type of package they chose and the timeframe they went for, they will be able to withdraw their profits.
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